NIWeek Warm-Up: Good Times at NIC

After the CLA Summit, Jim joined Justin, Michael and me in Austin for some quality time at National Instruments. We spent a few days talking with various groups at NI about how we can collectively promote world domination through adoption of LabVIEW. At the top of the list: making VIPM and the LabVIEW Tools Network more full-featured, easier to use and more accessible to engineers everywhere.  Working with LabVIEW R&D and other influential folks to ensure that LabVIEW addresses the needs of power users everywhere was another high priority.

But what’s a trip to NI without a good party?! Springtime in Austin is a lovely time for a BBQ, so JKI threw one on NI’s lawn…

The good times brought back fabulous memories of NIWeeks past. We’re really looking forward to re-connecting with so many of our LabVIEW friends in just 4.5 short months at NIWeek! Sign up if you haven’t – you can get Early Bird pricing till May 31st. JKI might even have a presentation or two.

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