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Speeding Up Large Application Build Cycles with VI Tester

JKI’s VI Tester is a LabVIEW unit testing framework that helps developers write and execute automated tests to guarantee their software components work as designed.  Although this usually means verifying that software components meet certain functional requirements, VI Tester can be used for creating other kinds of software tests, too.  Instead of finding bugs, these tests can do things like perform status and configuration checks on your software, and work around pain points in the LabVIEW build process.  Let’s look at one example. LabVIEW Checks for Broken VIs Late in the Build Process Recently I was working for a JKI customer on

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Can You Build Your Application in One Click?

I’m terrible at remembering important details.  I’m great at relatively useless stuff, like powers of 2 and the lyrics to songs my parents used to sing.  I even remember the phone number of a girl I had to call once in fifth grade, to get homework from her because I missed school that day.  It had two consecutive zeroes in it, which I thought was cool.  Come to think of it, I should see if she’s on Facebook.  Anyway, my point is this:  I forget stuff that matters.  One example of something I forget, which matters a lot, is how

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JKI Announces VI Tester Release in JKI Labs

JKI is excited to announce the JKI Labs release of VI Tester, a software test framework for LabVIEW that allows programmers to test their VIs (code) during the development process. Software testing is a critical component of agile development and test driven development software engineering processes — it is also critical for validating software functionality. VI Tester is based on the industry standard xUnit software test architecture that is used in many other programming languages — this architecture is very flexible and powerful, but also very easy for beginners to learn. For more information about VI Tester, visit jkisoft.com/vi-tester

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