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What you need to know about the State Machine Objects framework: Intro

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the main things you need to know about JKI’s State Machine Objects (SMO) framework for LabVIEW, including what it is, how it works, how it can help you develop scalable applications, and … Continue reading

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JKI State Machine Objects Now on GitHub!

We are happy to announce that the JKI State Machine Objects (SMO) framework for LabVIEW has been released under an open source license on GitHub! The State Machine Objects (SMO) framework is an open-source and lightweight development JKI State Machine based … Continue reading

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How FPGAs Get Innovative Science and Technology to Market Fast

If you’re a scientist or engineer at a high-tech company, you know that a key to business success is being able to quickly get innovative ideas prototyped and developed into a viable product for the marketplace. To do this, you … Continue reading

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#5 Best Practice for using the JKI State Machine: Left-justify State Strings

In my last post on JKI State Machine Best Practices, I explained the #4 Best Practice: Use macros (instead of “chaining” together sequential states). In this post, I’ll talk about a very simple (yet important) best practice that will help … Continue reading

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Creating a Hamburger Menu in LabVIEW

This article is about how to create a Hamburger Menu — yes, you heard that correctly: we said “hamburger menu”! No, we’re not talking about this type of hamburger menu… We’re talking about the software drop-down menu with three rounded horizontal bars that looks … Continue reading

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Celebrate Cyber Monday 2015 with 50% off VIPM Pro

Cyber Monday is here! What better way to kick off your holiday shopping than by getting something for yourself and your team? This week, we’re taking 50% off all VIPM license purchases and renewals (via credit card on our website). … Continue reading

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Caraya – A New Take On LabVIEW Unit Testing

How many times you have had good intentions to write unit tests for your LabVIEW project but when the time came you had more pressing fires to put out? Or how often have you created a small debug VI to … Continue reading

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JKI’s Highlights From NIWeek 2015

Wow! What a fantastic NIWeek. It may be over but our team at JKI is still reeling from the flurry of information and innovation jam-packed into an amazing week in Austin. From new NI embedded product lines to the launch … Continue reading

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EasyXML Source Code on GitHub (BSD Open Source License)

We are happy to announce that the JKI EasyXML Toolkit for LabVIEW has been released under an the BSD open source license on GitHub, here: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-EasyXML Currently, only the source code is on GitHub and we haven’t released the built … Continue reading

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JKI’s Unofficial Guide to Fun at NIWeek 2015

Once again, NIWeek is upon us. You’ve got your schedule almost dialed in. You know which technical sessions you’ll be attending (all three of the JKI sessions, of course!) and what booths you must visit but still aren’t sure about what … Continue reading

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