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NIWeek 2011: “Beyond State Machines” Slides and Code Now Available

Thank you to everyone who packed the room for my NIWeek 2011 presentation last week, especially those of you who sat on the floor! The questions and discussion were great, and I’m sorry we only had an hour to kill together. If you missed my talk, or if you just can’t get enough, don’t worry; the slides and sample code are now available for download below. If you’re interested in interprocess communication in LabVIEW, or if you just want to see a novel use for LabVIEW’s User Events, please give this framework a try! And as always, comments/questions/criticism are encouraged.

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CLA Summit 2011: Public & Private Events Framework Slides Now Available

If you missed my presentation at the Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLA) Summit 2011, fear not!  The slides and example code are now available for download below.  Thanks to everyone who attended; your questions, comments, and insight made it a success. I’m working to evolve and expand this presentation for the future.  With any luck, I’ll deliver an upgraded and improved version of it at NIWeek 2011, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, if you love it, hate it, or have questions, please let me know in the comments. Title: Beyond State Machines: Building Modular Applications in LabVIEW Using Public & Private

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