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Caraya – A New Take On LabVIEW Unit Testing

How many times you have had good intentions to write unit tests for your LabVIEW project but when the time came you had more pressing fires to put out? Or how often have you created a small debug VI to … Continue reading

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Speeding Up Large Application Build Cycles with VI Tester

JKI’s VI Tester is a LabVIEW unit testing framework that helps developers write and execute automated tests to guarantee their software components work as designed.  Although this usually means verifying that software components meet certain functional requirements, VI Tester can be used … Continue reading

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VI Tester – A Product of the JKI Development Process

Last week, JKI released VI Tester.  To some, this might seem like an overnight development, but it is really the result of several years of internal development and eating our own dog food.  This is something that’s very important to … Continue reading

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JKI Announces VI Tester Release in JKI Labs

JKI is excited to announce the JKI Labs release of VI Tester, a software test framework for LabVIEW that allows programmers to test their VIs (code) during the development process. Software testing is a critical component of agile development and … Continue reading

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