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Secrets of the VIPC: Pinning Packages

A while back we wrote about the Secrets of the VI Package Configuration (*.vipc) file, which is used by VIPM to keep track of which packages are used in your LabVIEW projects. This makes VIPC files great for: People who switch between multiple projects, or come back to old projects once in a while to fix bugs or add features. People who work on the same project(s) on multiple computers. People who hand-off projects to other developers for maintenance. To create a VIPC file, VIPM scans your LabVIEW projects to automatically find package dependencies. However, sometimes you need to manually

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Secrets of the VIPC

Update: For the latest information on VIPC files read our latest knowledge base article here. Wherever there’s a forum discussion about source code control or reuse library management (e.g. here, here, or here), you’re likely to find a JKI engineer or JKI customer (or both) talking about VI Package Manager Professional, and specifically about VI Package Configuration (VIPC) files. VIPC files are one of the most important–but least understood–features of VIPM Professional. They help you keep track of the package versions for the project you are working on. This makes them great for: People who switch between multiple projects, or come

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