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News Flash: Live Wires are Hot!

Dec 21, 2010 9:09:33 AM Published by JKI Leave a comment

As JKI grows, we’re devoted to sharing more hot LabVIEW stuff with as many folks as we can. So last month, we rolled out a brand-new newsletter, Live Wires!

It’s written to keep you posted on fun, interesting, and useful topics in the LabVIEW ecosystem, and it will fill you in on happenings (and the occasional special deal) here at JKI too.

Take a look at the first issue!

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We like to highlight the hottest – and the most bizarre – LabVIEW applications, and we’d love to hear your favorites! Drop Justin a note if you have ideas. We hope you enjoy Live Wires!

-- The JKI Team

*Don’t worry, we won’t over-stuff your Inbox! We'll only send out newsletters every few months.

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