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Introducing the JKI Labs

Feb 1, 2009 8:22:00 AM Published by Jim Kring Leave a comment

JKI has been working for years to develop tools for LabVIEW that enable users to create professional-quality software in LabVIEW.  Most of these tools are things that we need internally to produce our own software products (and other projects) written in LabVIEW.

Some of our tools aren't quite ready to be called "products", but have incredible value that we'd like to share with the LabVIEW community.  And, the software can benefit greatly from early feedback from users like you who can help us define the software's direction.

We needed to find some way to share these tools with LabVIEW users.

Our solution to this challenge is JKI Labs, an area of our site that is dedicated to experimental software in early stages of development.   JKI Labs is a window into how JKI's software development process works.  You'll get to use the software, provide us with feedback, and watch the software evolve.  And, hopefully, the JKI Labs software will provide you with some value as you create your own professional-quality software in LabVIEW.

We look forward to your feedback and participation in the JKI Labs.  We also hope that you enjoy having a window into our development process and a chance to see and help shape JKI's future software products.

Make sure to keep an eye on the JKI Labs, because we've got a lot of great things coming down the pipe.

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